Airport transfers

Airport transfers

airport transfers

Either from Guatemala City airport to Antigua or from Antigua to Guatemala City airport. Price starts at $40.

From the airport

In case of an airport pick-up, our driver will be waiting for you at the only passenger exit of the airport holding a sign with your name on it. Don’t worry if your flight has a delay. We monitor all flights via so we know exactly when you arrive and will wait for you to get through customs.

The price depends on the number of passengers and time of the transfer.

We can also arrange transfers from Guatemala City airport direct to Panajachel, San Pedro or Monterrico, but in this case your flight must arrive before 3 pm. If your flight arrives after 3 pm, we suggest you stay one night in a hotel in either Guatemala City or Antigua.

To the airport

Outside of peak hours, it only takes about one hour to get from Antigua to Guatemala City Airport. Please note that if you leave from Antigua to Guatemala City airport between 5 am and 8 am on a weekday, there is a lot of traffic and it can take up to 2 hours to arrive to the airport. If you have an early flight, we always recommend leaving Antigua before 5 am.

How to book

The price depends on the number of passengers but starts at $40 for 1 to 2 people. To book you can use the booking form on this page. Payment is via PayPal. Please note that we can only take online bookings 24 hours in advance. For transfers within 24 hours please send us an email.

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